toys of the moving pictures

2022/May/16      KiNAi (web) : voice transfer guide for KANSAI Japan

2022/Feb/22      langTA (web) : helps you learn languages with your eyes and ears

2022/Jan/24      altitude here (web) : Ground Height Measurement App

2021/Dec/26      deComplete (web) : App that make text incomplete

2021/Sep/10      word word (web) : Word Test App - with your own wordbook -

2021/Feb/28      knitton (web) : convert knitting patterns into symbol charts

2020/June/06      Drag Calc ( iPhone App ) : arithmetic tool for dysgraphia

2020/May/22      Air Museum ( iPhone App ) : AR gallery of your photos

2022/Feb/01      ★webアプリ: 音声-乗り換え案内TOKiO : 必要な人に

2020/Mar/11      Air Maze ( iPhone App ) : wandering in the AR Maze

2020/Jan/26   Air Moon ( iPhone App ) : The Moon Phases AR
2019/Sep/21   iPhone App : A Sweet Sound Repeatable Timer "Cycle KEEPER" is released
(link to Apple Store)
This app has the same goal as UGOKY, so Thanks for your patronage!
2011/Oct/05 Kanji's roots is released
2010/Jan/30 Historical Map of North America 2000 is released
2009/Sep/15 Dr_loiter is released
2009/Feb/01 nei-neighbor is released
2009/Jan/08 Spatical Brain is released
2009/Jan/01 OMAKE page starts ( it may take time to display )
2008/Dec/24 Daihugo_plus is released
2008/Nov/24 Hiragana's roots is released
2008/Apr/28 Flowery Graphs is released
2008/Apr/12 DataData(ver B) is released
2007/Sep/10 Bio Scope is released ( sound by HARKA)
2007/Mar/07 form of tennis (3D) is released (sound by HARKA)
2006/Dec/3 A_horizontal_bar&a_skip_rope(3D version) is released(sound by HARKA)
2005/Dec/20 kobbito R3-D3 was released (sound by HARKA)
2005/Aug/19 Play with the Functions was released (sound by HARKA)
2005/July/22 Paper Folding(crane) (click for download)
2005/July/19 Map 2000 years (click for download)
2005/July/05 Why_the_Moon_waxes_and_wanes? was released
2005/Apr/01 UGOKY has opened