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*Bio Scope
This is a movie of imaginary microscope. The range in size from baby to proton.


- automatic mode
- bigger/smaller
- stop
- informaiton

<what's for?>
This software is made for filling the gap between the knowledge learned
at school and your reality.
For example. you know the words like Chromosom, DNA, Cell...etc
But could you imagine how they are related to you?
.... I couldon't.
So I made it for myself and others like me.

1.Please remeber that the arrangement of colors are imaginary one.
Because many of internal things (in the body) have almost no color itself and
the limitation of optical microscope.
(We could use it only objects bigger than 0.3 m.)

2.Automatic progress mode takes you to the end automatically.

Please enjoy.

Copyright(C) 2007 OMURA Mitsuru All Rights Reserved
OMURA Mitsuru 2007/Sep/10