@TOP2info about [ Spatical Brain ]

*Spatical Brain
you can see the
morphing figures
of three dimensions
with this software

There are7 buttons...

- display the list of graphs
- change the pers(draggable)
- poles of X,Y,Z (on-off)
- change the color of the balls
- turn left & turn right
- stop, play

<how to play>
Just click the "play button" takes you to the end of the movie.
And to rotate the figure or to change the pers may tell you much about
its properties.
The clock has two hands and longer one means the time of this whole movie
and shorter one means the time of morphing.
The "? button " shows you the list of graphs, and you can choose one there.

- The equations here are simplified to adjust the sizes of graphs.
Some coefficients and constants are used actually.
-Please remind that the figures on the screen are not its whole image.
They spread out of the screen infinitely.
- (Y = 1/0) and (Y = root(-1)) are replaced with Y = 0

<whtat's for?>
This software is made for to get used with imaging 3D figures in your mind.

I like the view from a train, from a plane, from a elevator of skayscraper etc.
And in my first experience of scuba diving , I was impressed in not a
beatiful scenary but I could move up and down freely and my point of view
are also vertically changed.

For my opinion, to understand something "A", it's also good way to know the
things "B" around "A".
As you know, the morphing figures could be things"B" to each figure in this case.

Anyway, I am happy if you have fun with it.
enjoy !!