@TOP info about [ Daihugo plus ]

*Daihugo plus
This is a card game famous for "Porverty" in general, with an additional rule that numbers may change in each turn.

at your turn,

1. chose the cards
2. click the fire

or just click the fire for pass your turn


If you don't know what "Poverty" is, please check Wikipedia for general rules.

Local rules are like..."no-revolution , no-8 finish , no-lock cards ,no-downfall ,
no-prohibition card to finish"
And just one addtional rule is , cards' numbers change sometimes.


<Why I made it?>

One day, I saw a short tv program called "Pythagoras Switch "in Japan. In that program, there are amazing domino videos and I'm very impressed with one of them (sample movie at Youtuve). Because they do domino on "moving foundations". And I thought that idea was really symbolic of nowadays. I mean we no more have steady foundation for our lives. And I think it's better to get used to that idea ASAP.
So I chose a card game to reproduce the "moving foundation"and add one rule to it. That is "cards' numbers change sometimes".


<A thought at release>

As you know, this additonal rule doesn't work right. Because it's easy to find the way to win. It's quite opposite for my original intention. But it's ok for now. Next time I'll try this idea again.

By the way , I got one recognition through making this card game.That is, to make a logic of how computer players act in card game will be a good practice to have the computer literacy. It tells you what computer can do, and cannot to do ( or difficult to do).@And it may make you a matured person who can smile with computers foolish reactions :p)

Anyway, please enjoy.

OMURA Mitsuru