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*form of tennis
3D movies of...

a service
a forehand
a backhand

< on the screen>
white pointing arrows can change the viewpoint.

"R" Button is for reset the viewpoint.
1.Time scale arrow can be dragged
2. Play button (normal speed and slow motion)
3. Playback button (normal speed and slow motion)
4. "?" = information

<what's for?>

This is 3D motion movies of tennis.
I made it for my practice. Because I like tennis but not so good.
The model of the motion is my tennis trainer's one.

A little dwarf (with yellow cap) is "Kobbito".
He like tennis but no good (like me!),so he asks his friend to be model.

I hope it will help you with your practice.
Have fun !

Sound Copyrights @ HARKA