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It can's say "software" but has something interesting.

2009/01 * like a Galaxy

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This mathematic movie was born when I tried to make a whir program.
Each ball (star) spins out to outside in order.

Every ball moves by just a few lines program, but whole pictures image is
changing in every second.
And some moments, its shape looks like a Galaxy in which we live.

Once I have tried to draw a Galaxy with matematic equations but in vain.
So, I don't know this is the correct one but it could be useful knowledge
for somebody like me.

Anyway, have fun !!

for mathematic lovers :p)

starNum = 800

for (i=1; i<starNum+1; i++) {
(star i)._x = (i)*sin(i*dt);
(star i)._y = (i)*cos(i*dt);

dt= dt + 0.02


As the number of star is bigger. the radius is also bigger.
And after 800 stars are displayed, "dt" is added it's value.