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*DataData (ver.B)
<In each card>

"arrow " get the card big or small.
"|> (green)" sets the card selection
mode(&you can choose the data).
- rotating |> means "random data"
- stopping |> means "fixed data".

<General >

There are 8 buttons here.

-time indicator(draggable)
-play & reverse
-change the language
* At "MY.DATA-Card", please input your own birth year

<why & what's for?>

I had thought it's MOTTAINAI (wasteful) for many years that,
there are many statistics datas at public offices, but those datas are
not useful for our daily life.
And the other day, I had met a video of a leture of a scholor and also
a book written by one scientist.
In this lecture the scholor used moving graphs and it was very effective
for me to understand it,
and in the book, the scientist used a lot of datas of long span(10 thousands
or a billion years) that gives me a historical point of view.
These two experiences make me to create "DataData" .

So I 'm happy with when you use it and have some statistic and
historical point of view in your daily life.
At last I really thank for the officers that collect these statistic datas acutally.
Please enjoy.

Please keep in mind 2 things.

1.As a officail change of the way of calculation, statistic datas are changed.
For example, it is said that there is a remarkable difference between
2000 and 2001 of "Iron(Nutrients)",
that means not because of the change of our way of life but because of
the change of the way of calculation,

2.The datas related with Okinawa Prefecture count on form 1972,
The more details of each datas are here(link).

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