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<what is it?>
This is a photo Dictionary of the trees.
And it helps you to know the name of trees especially in Japan.
Classifing the the trees with their looking and seeing some photos may give you
the name of the tree..

It has just around 100 trees' photo list, but I think it's enough for getting the name of the trees at urban area.

* For Mobile version, at 2010 will be released.(I hope...)
*"flower"and"fruit"photos will be added by the next summer(2010).


- 1st. click the classified panel (at cont. page)
- 2nd. click the specified panel (at classified page)
- 3rd. click the buttons of -up, down, left, right
@ or
press arrow key on the keyboard (at photo Data Base page)

- 4th-a. when you come across the tree you want to know, it ends.
- 4th-b. if you don't find the right one, you could give up or go back to "cont." or "classified" page and try other way again. click the underlined text on the screen
>cont. > shape > ......................> fruit >

* "?" button shows you some info and some help to use it.
** "EN" button changes the language English to Japanese.

Please use it and enjoy your botanical life !!

Omura Mitsuru 2009/09/15