@TOP2 info about [ nei-neighbor ]

This is a kind of
Conway's life game.
It simulates the cells'
mutual influences
when they develop

= buttons =
-speed adjuster
-survival conditions adjuster
-arrangements of 5 type
-random arrangement

<how to play>
To click the play button and the figure of cells will automatically
develop itself.
To have the other initial arrangement, click the blue buttons.
And clicking some cells, you can change the arrangement anytime.

As change the numbers of the survival conditons, you can control the
influences between the cells. But it may be difficult to find other
patterns of numbers for the cells well deveolpping except 2 and 3.
(as I couldn't)

*You have the instrucitons of each buttons at (?) page and rollover
your cursor on the buttons.

<survival conditions>
In this life game, red cells means "nothing" and the blue ones
means "live". They obey the survival conditions below.

1st. A blue cell will survive when 2 or 3 of cells around it live.
2nd. A red cell will be blue(give a birth) when 3 of cells around it live.
3rd. Ohterwise all blue cells become red (death for depopulation or

Have fun !!