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*History of Chinese characters
This is a movie about the history of the changes in the shape of Chinese characters.
6 function...

- play,stop,reverse
- speed adjustment
- sound on-off
- instruction
click the pic to start.....

<What's this?>

This is a movie of the history of Kanji ( Chinese character ). It is said that Kanji was born in ancient China more than 3,500 years ago. And as time passed, their shapes has been changed from Hieroglyphic through many calligraphic style to present one. So I pick up 5 typical calligraphic stye on the history and made them a series movie.
I hope this movie will help you to understand Kanji directly. Enjoy !

About five typical calligraphic style ( wikipedia link )

- Oracle bone script
- Chinese bronze inscriptions
- Seal script
- Clerical script
- Regular script

<How to use?>
It's like a video system.

- Play, Stop, Reverse
- Speed Adjustment
- Sound on-off
To click a Kanji panel and you can see bigger one.
Another click with same panel makes it undo.

This movie has now 138 Kanji in it.
And it is said that there are 100 thousands Chinese characters ( Kanji ) in the world...
I'm not good at Math but hope it still works...

(screen shot)

OMURA Mitsuru