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*North American Historical Map 2000 FUNCTIONS...

change the map size -
yearMarker -

(5.8MB with sound)

(1.3MB no sound)
- year display (on/off)
- language switch
- infomation
- speed adjuster
- play stop reverse

<what is it?>

This is a historical map movie of North American Continent for 2000 years.
And you can see a lot of groups (nations, provinces, civilaizations, cultures , etc) say hello and good-bye as time goes on this map.
As you see it's far from perfect, so any suggestion is welcome.


The data of this software are mostly based on the Japanese books. And there are two type of materials.

- One is documents and they are written by European people (emigrant side) because almost of all native americans don't have their own alphabet.

- The other one is archeological materials and it will be used for presuming native americans life.

So please keep in mind that this might have the bias.

<how to use>

The function buttons work like video system (play, stop, reverse, speed control...etc).
The yearMarker is draggable. Spanish and Japanese are also available.
At last, a friendly comment for me is very recommended : p


.cul : culture .civ : civilization .sta : state .pro : province .ter : territory .col : colony .rep : republic .emp : empire .vic : viceroy .kdm : kingdom .fed : federation

anyway...Please enjoy !!

2010/01/30 OMURA Mitsuru